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Question: Why don't you use lie-detectors instead of testing urine?
Answer: Because they simply don't work in the sport setting. Too many false positives and too many false negatives. A properly conducted polygraph exam takes many hours in an interrogation session. To be accomplished with any degree of accuracy, it would take several days to test just a handful of athletes. The best techniques are used by the Olympic organization: World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). We use their protocols, their lab, and adhere to their standards.

Question: Why do you publish names of cheaters?
Answer: Because that is WADA standards. Disclosing doping control failures is part of open and transparent conduct. If you cheat, it will not be kept a secret. This is not meant to harm anyone, but to discourage drug-takers from even entering our contests. If the infractions are not put on public record then the public at large do not really know if drug testing is happening at all. Look at other body building organizations - can you easily find out who tested positive in their doping control programs? It's like have a federal election with the votes counted by the incumbent party - can you really trust the results? If cheaters are not properly revealed when they are caught, then drug-takers will feel that they can risk doping control - so what if they are caught? They already had their moment on stage, went home with a trophy, and only weeks later is he quietly removed from the record books, when no one is paying attention. How does that discourage drugged athletes from participating?

Question: If I get selected for Doping Control, how long will it take?
Answer: Average is about an hour. Some have taken 2-3 hours. If your "fans" are waiting for you to go out to a restaurant for a celebratory meal, you will want to have a plan B in place in case you are "stuck" in doping control for a while.

Question: What is the punishment for failing doping control?
Answer: Cheaters will be stripped of all titles and be banned for up to 4 years. Details of their doping control results will be published on our web site for all to see. Yes, we are legally allowed to do this, because all athletes sign a waiver and consent to disclose doping control results to the public (in accordance with WADA standards).

Question: I have been taking product XXX, will it pass the drug test?
Answer: Beats me. I can't answers questions like that. If the supplement is reputable, then it will be "clean" in the sense that what is in the container is what is printed on the label. Now, your job is to find out if all the ingredients on the label are not on the WADA banned substances list. You can also use the global drug reference on-line tool (DRO) to assist in your research. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you consume - not your trainer, coach, or any Physique Canada official.

Question: How many athletes will you test?
Answer: approximately ten percent (10%) of all registered contestants.  For example, if 50 people register for a competition, the senior doping control officer will select 5 people to test.  Selection is based on placing, suspicion, and random draw.

Men's and Women's Competition Levels

  • Prize $$
  • Tier 1
  • Pro
  • Competitors must qualify by placing top three in a Tier 2 event and must maintain a valid membership for year-round in- and out-of-competition drug testing.

  • More
  • Tier 2
  • Open
  • Competitors must have placed top three in Tier 3 or have strong competitive experience and/or have placed in another organization. All Tier 2 competitions subject to drug testing.
  • More
  • Tier 3
  • Novice
  • For brand-new competitors or those who have not placed in Physique Canada Tier 3 or in another organization. All Tier 3 competitions subject to drug testing.

  • More
  • Masters
  • Over Age 40
  • Resides outside the tier system. Competitors can compete in Masters even if they are competing in Tier 1, 2, or 3 classes. All Masters competitions subject to drug testing.
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Physique Canada is the only men's and women's physique organization in the nation to conduct in-competition and out-of-competition drug testing, with the express purpose of creating a fair and level playing field for all competitors.